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Good Fat is useful for the human body - Steve Holman

Usually people feel bad about fat and no matter on my plate this fat or on the sides. Sometimes we struggle with it, removing completely from the diet to lose weight in distressed areas. But the fat, like other foods is different, including the very useful. He does not ruin the shape, and thus will actively work for the improvement of human health. So is fat helpful to the human body or not? Let's see.

Previously, scientists thought that exists in the human body, two types of adipose tissue is white and Brown. And believed that brown adipose tissue is found only in children. Benefit from her obvious kids having such fat are capable of thermoregulation is that it contains almost the entire stock of essential nutrients, it is based on the function of immune organ. Steve Holman says in his research Old School New Body f4x that because very young children should not be greatly. In addition it is ported, you need a brain for development. But in 2009, scientists found out that Brown fat in adults. What he's so special? White fat always keeps the calories on a rainy day, and Brown fat always spends on heat and energy. Simply put, promotes disappearance of excess weight. The difficulty is that the process will never run at the request of the person.

The situation is radically changed when researchers have discovered a new species of adipose tissue. Called it beige fat. It's a kind of intermediate stage between white and Brown fat. Do it with white's ability to accumulate calories, and with Brown fat, the urge to spend, IE burn calories. Most importantly, it can be turned on in the work if necessary. And trigger the trigger for him is arisen. In the body it is produced during intense exercise.

The rule is all good but in moderation. Accurately known people that excess fat does not bring benefits. But at the same time, the fat is very important part of the body like liver, kidney, heart. Let's say right layer of fat is the airbag. For example, the ribs protect the heart and lungs, and fat protects all the organs. He is also a storeroom and the thermostat body. Here is a man very similar to animals that layer of fat, the untouchable postpone stock nutrient and winter warm up from the cold. Another useful feature of fat, it is the ability to conduct nerve impulses that occur in the human brain that triggers the movement of limbs. Provides support for the immunity and through cell membrane helps transport nutrients to nourish cells. In addition to oil are elements that reduce the risk of stroke in many times.Its True

Regular medication. Fat in the body our strategic stock just in case. Is a great battery of all nutrients? Already since ancient times man has used the oil for the treatment of various diseases. Such as burns and frostbite, exhaustion, the consequences after the injury, bone and joint disease, atherosclerosis. Traditional medicine recommends using the fat Badger in the treatment of tuberculosis and lung disease or colds, pneumonia, and bronchitis. It includes a large complex of vitamins, biologically active components and trace elements. Back in gory many unsaturated fatty acids, very valuable substance. They keep health, will protect cells from damage, and will give us a protective force.

Fat bear. Effectively applied in the crevices, diseases of muscles and bones. Use it at, burns. Kid can lubricate fat body. If the human common cold bronchitis or his need to take inside. Pre-mixed with milk or honey. You can use rubbing, the massage, do compresses. Such procedures are especially useful for children as well as child's body perfectly and easily warmed, and thus remains effective. In many ointments and balms in stock you can meet the fat of animals. How does the mechanism of their influence? It is based on the ability of fat, reduce heat and prevent the ammonia. So in the body expansion vessels, better penetrates the medications faster pass metabolic processes.

Tasty and useful. Usually, wanting a little lose a logical solution to reduce consumption of fats in their diets. But almost any doctor nutritionist will tell you that completely exclude from the diet can not. Should reduce the intake of saturated fats, which are pretty much in the birds (especially in her skin), meat, dairy products, and butter. Better to replace them on the mono-or polyunsaturated fats they are contained in the seeds, some nuts, avocado, olive oil, seafood and fish.